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Teh Saw Yee


What makes you want to become an occupational therapist?

When I was choosing my university course, my sister introduced me to Occupational Therapy. I did my own research on this course and I realised it suits me as I have always wanted to pursue a profession in which I could help people. 

In your years in occupcational therapy, what have you learnt most?

As an Occupational Therapist, it is fulfilling and gives me a sense of accomplishment. The objective of occupational therapy is to help our clients to be able to get back to their occupation again, not only back to their jobs but also daily life activities. It requires our creativity, we need to think from our client’s perspective and help them to become what they want to be.


I have learnt to be patient to listen to my clients and am continuously updating myself to give the best to my clients. 

I believe that every child is special, they have their own way and different strategies to live their own life and perform their daily activities. Nevertheless, I will always try my best to support these special needs children, to maximise their abilities to be able to perform their desired occupation. This includes participation in daily activities, social participation, education, job, etc.

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Doctor and Patient
Doctor and Patient
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