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My son has been attending Hand In Hand for a years. He has made significant improvements in his speech, fine motor skills and behaviour since he started.

We are particularly grateful to the therapists and the admin who are passionate about their work and take great pride in seeing his progress, well experienced and also importantly have developed a great rapport with him

My son looks forward to his sessions at Hand In Hand and we are just so grateful to have found a high quality therapy centre where he can benefit from one to one quality time learning in a positive environment.



Thank you to all the staff and therapists at Hand In Hand.

My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, accompanied by moderate to severe receptive/expressive language disorder at the age of 5. After attending the Occupational therapy sessions at Hand in Hand OTC for around 2 years plus, my son was able to communicate & express a lot better verbally through activities specially customized for his conditions by the experienced therapist. He had improved tremendously in motor skills, social skills and are able to overcome his sensory issues too especially towards loud or sudden noises, and also learned how to calm himself down when he’s nervous through the therapy sessions. 

On top of that, the therapist is always giving advice on matters such as how to help my son’s in his daily life activities or in education areas. 


I feel very fortunate & happy to get to know Hand in Hand, and very grateful that my son benefited from the therapy sessions. 


Thank you Hand in Hand OTC !

Our kid is undergoing OT training in Hand In Hand for about a year. We are glad to see the improvement in him. His therapists had shared many daily training that parents can do at home, e.g. how to hold food utensil, how to handle his behaviour, etc.


They are very responsive to our queries and we can feel their heart to help the kid. We only attend the OT twice a month under PPIP program, so we are grateful they are selfless to share their tips and give homework so we can continue to train him at home.

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