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Goh Poh Im


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What makes you want to become an occupational therapist?

A major inspiration for me in becoming an Occupational Therapist comes from the passion to be able to work with people on a daily basis. Helping people and being able to give back to society always gives me an enormous sense of self-fulfilment and satisfaction, and that is what Occupational Therapists do. Working in a paediatric setting inspires me as I know that I can make a difference in the lives of children, addressing their needs and make their lives more meaningful.

In your years in occupational therapy, what have you learnt most?

I love occupational therapy as it enables me to be able to apply the skills and knowledge I have learnt in real-life settings with not only myself but also my loved ones. I have learnt so much through working with children as they have given me lots of opportunity to understand myself better to work and interact with them and to be a better Occupational Therapist!

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Doctor and Patient
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