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Jasmine Chng


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What makes you want to work with children with special needs ?

I wanted to work in a work that is meaningful and fulfilling. Having started on a journey in a Special School, seeing children improve and families cope better has been an inspiration for me. I move on to bring in training to empower professionals and parents to be better equipped to work with their charges effectively. I want to make a difference in the lives of client and families and I keep seeking for updates in our services to promote a more comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment. Seeing the clients making progress and being able to function optimally and integrate into the community brings me great joy.

In your years in work, what have you learnt most?

Every Individual is unique and has different motivations. As long as we take time and have an interest to discover one's strengths, we can facilitate the learning and see progress if we don't give up. We will develop individually and professionally as we overcome whatever challenges that we come across if we have the right mindset.

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Doctor and Patient
Doctor and Patient
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