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Hand In Hand OTC | Website Launching
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Website Launching

May 2015 marks the 17th anniversary of our centre. We are delighted that our long-awaited website can be launched as we celebrate our 17th birthday! Furthermore, with the rapid development and high demand in information technology, we are pleased that Hand In Hand OTC is finally accessible in cyberspace too.


For this website, we do our best to keep it simple to ensure easy and pleasant reading. Besides giving you an idea of who we are and what we do, we would like to use this website as a platform to heighten public awareness about occupational therapy for children. Our page “Special Events” will function as an archive of our special events as well as a blog for discussion other than serving as a bulletin for our upcoming events.


In this coming July, we are going to have a special guest to do a parent workshop for us. Please do visit our website again and look out for more information.