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Hand In Hand OTC | Wan Feng Min
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Our Team

Wan Feng Min
Occupational Therapist
What makes you want to become an occupational therapist?

Being engaged (be it at work, self-care or play) gives meaning to a person’s life. As an occupational therapist, it is an honour to be able to support and/ or facilitate someone in living their life to the fullest.

In your years in occupational therapy, what is your most unforgettable or rewarding incident?

There have been so many touching moments that I will never forget. Moments where you feel so proud that your heart could burst! However, the moment I find most rewarding is the moment when the child first ‘connects’ with you. It’s like you know that this is going to be the start of a partnership.

In your years in occupational therapy, what have you learnt most?

Over the years I have come to understand when LESS is MORE’.


“To do less, we can focus on doing it well, being more deliberate and be more present.” ~ Lori Deschene


To listen to others, I need to speak less;

To be understood by others, I should keep things simple;

For kids to achieve more, I need to instruct less and give them more room to strive for themselves.


One other thing that I have learnt is the importance of collaboration.


No matter how well and how great the child performs during the session, all will be for naught if the therapist and the family of the child are not on the same page. Therefore, as important as working with the child during the session, helping parents understand our work and their role in this therapeutic journey is paramount too.

Of all the courses and workshops you have attended, which one do you find most enlightening?

Of all the courses that I have attended, I felt the 8-week ‘Neuro-Developmental Treatment’ course has helped me build a stronger foundation for being a pediatric occupational therapist. With the course, I have gained knowledge in the development of postural motor control. It has also enabled me to read and facilitate postures during therapy.


Another course that I found helpful for my personal growth as a therapist is ‘Moving to Higher Grounds’.   Through the course, I was able to gain insight to my strengths as well as the opportunity to improve on my weaknesses. At the same time, it was a good opportunity to review and consolidate the knowledge that I had gained from my work and other courses as an occupational therapist.

With whom would you like to spend a day so as to further your skills and knowledge as an occupational therapist?

I used to think that if I could have the opportunity, I would like to spend time with Master clinicians and watch them at work so that I can learn a skill or two from them. However, over the years, I have come to appreciate that my greatest teachers are actually the children and the families that I work with. So I think it will be great to be able to spend a day with the kids and their families that I work with outside of our centre to see them in action in their everyday life. This will likely show us a different side of the children and experience the challenges that they face. I believe the experience will bring our treatment strategies into perspective and help us to reflect and improve on our treatment and services provided.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Being more introverted, I enjoy spending time alone, maybe watching TV or reading a book. Occasionally, I may enjoy working on some handicraft projects. When I hang out with my friends, I enjoy outdoor activities, like going on picnics at the beach, singing at KTV, and exploring different cafés and restaurants for yummy food!