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Hand In Hand OTC | Our Team
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Our Team

Therapy Staff
Jeanette (Jeanette Suen)
Clinical Director
As an occupational therapist who started the journey some time back, I find it fulfilling when I see the young therapists I work with start to truly appreciate the impact and value of Occupational Therapy. It’s just so heart-warming to see the job-satisfying smile on a young therapist’s face!


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Diana Phua
Diana (Diana Phua)
Occupational Therapist
Being an occupational therapist is fulfilling when I see a child improve and develop through intervention. Seeing them being able to enjoy and do the tasks that were challenging for them in the past gives me a sense of satisfaction. In the process of working with the child and family, I in turn, also learn so much from them about appreciating the many things in life.


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Feng Min (Wan Feng Min)
Occupational Therapist
The most fulfilling about being a pediatric occupational therapist is watching the children that I work with grow and taking small steps towards living a more functional and meaningful lives.


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Michael  (Michael Patrick Murray)
Occupational Therapist
Being able to help people to live their lives to the best of their abilities makes it all worthwhile.


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Administrative Staff
Gregory (Gregory Suen)
About Our Therapists

All our therapists are qualified occupational therapists registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of Singapore. Each of them is a unique individual with different personalities that contributes to the dynamics of the team.   They work closely together as a unit and support each other to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills as required to provide a Hand In Hand service to our children and families. In allocating the Primary Care Therapist for a child and his/her family, effort is made into matching their personalities so as to enhance a harmonizing working relationship to facilitate and effect changes in the intervention process.

The children our therapists work with (as of May 2015):

Attending mainstream schools 0%
Attending special schools 0%
6-year old and below 0%
Over 6-year old 0%